Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chapters 16 + 17: Thoughts / impressions / feelings while reading

Page 97 ll. 4 – 24:
Does the author describe a celebration of Christmas?

Page 98 ll. 19-21:
Why won’t the parents be a part of their children’s lives anymore? The children wouldn’t even visit their parents’ celebration of release. I think this is really sad, but because there are no feelings in the whole community, I guess they don’t feel so. I would say the people don’t consider at all what this release really means. This is only a rule and they comply with it.

Page 98 ll. 34 – 38:
This is the first time that the reader gets obviously to know that there is any love in the community → Jonas stands for all members.

Page 99 ll. 14 – 17:
When I read this I thought about how a world would look like without love.

Page 100 ll. 24 – 33:
Did Jonas give Gabriel more of his new memories? If yes, why did he do this? The memories would be away and released. So neither he, nor somebody can grasp them anymore. I think this is a little bit sad, even if Jonas only gave him small memories.

Page 101, ll. 12 – 16:
This is the proof that Jonas gave the memories completely away. I asked myself, whether he isn’t sad about having the memories no more?

Page 101, ll. 20 – 23:
Jonas leaves the pill out for the first time. Why exactly does he do this? Does he expect that something special would happen? I would say, the Stirrings will come back to him. Will he feel some love with them? Do they emphasize the feeling of love which he already received by the Giver?

Page 102, ll. 17- 21:
This excerpt proves that the Stirrings cause feelings. So in the community, it’s forbidden to receive these feelings. But why do they think that they are wrong. Why did they appoint this rule, to take the pill and so on? I guess they want to get rid of chaos which could be activated by feelings of for example love.

Page 104, ll. 1 – 10:
I perceived that Jonas friends are still together and are still playing games. I guess it was one point on which he was worried. Here’s the proof that there are still friends and games and that Jonas’ doubts and fear about losing his friends was without reason.

Page 105, ll. 22 – 27:
He mentioned that he would like to go for a walk or a ride with Fiona at the river. But he also said that this isn’t possible. I asked myself whether it’s impossible and whether there could not be a good friendship between a girl and a boy. Or why there couldn’t be a real relationship between the people.

Page 106, ll. 1 – 5:
What I asked myself the whole time was whether there are only bikes in the community?!

Page 107, l. 4 – 5:
Where is this “Elsewhere” which they always mention? Is it another, second ‘world’, but on the same planet or another community? And does nobody think about it, about what would happen on his or her release? Do they never ask and want to understand something ‘new’?


  1. I like this reading thoughts. They summarize many different questions and thoughts to the two chapters. I mostly agree with you but I don´t think the point with Gabriel is sad. In my opinion Jonas shows his love to an other person and it helps Jonas to apportion his feelings with somebody. So I don´t think this is sad. It is more a change of his feelings. Well done!

  2. Caroline,

    you put a lot of effort into this. I love your questions. You could basically write whole essays on each of them... ;)

    What do you actually think? How would a world be without love? Are pills an option to control the chaos that might arouse through the feelings?

    Yes, I think there are ONLY bikes in the community, I think so. Why is this such an interesting fact?