Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chapters 18 - 20: Pictures

I searched for a few pictures which would show the plan of Jonas and the Giver to escape. 

At first, The Giver gives Jonas more of the memories of courage and strength. They should help him on his journey to find the Elsewhere.

Jonas leaves a note on his bed for his parents. He would be back for the Ceremony and they won’t worry at first.
He hides his bike and his clothes which he takes with him for the journey in a bush.

He makes his way through the dark and arrives at the Annex. The Giver will order a vehicle and a driver. When he distracts the driver with giving him a brief errand, Jonas enters the vehicle and hides in the storage area. 

The community members notice Jonas’ absence and make sorrows for it.

The Giver comes back and declares that Jonas was lost in the river. He begins the Ceremony of Loss.



  1. Caroline,
    well chosen pictures. Why did you chose the black/white style here?

    PS: It's "to sorrow for sb"

  2. Good work! I think you have choose your pictures very well. It is a good overview to Jonas´ and the Giver´s plan.

  3. The pictures constitutes the procedure of the plan very well. I wouldn't have post this pictures in black and white, because Jonas and the Giver are both able to see colours and they have worked out that plan.