Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapters 21 - 23: Continuation of the story

This is an idea how the story could go on:
But perhaps it was only an echo.
The sled slowed down and the two boys reached the first houses of the little village. Here everything, the roads, the trees which were covered with snow now and the dwellings seemed to be unarranged and built like there was no real plan where they should stand. Jonas and Gabriel watched around and didn’t know what to look at, because there were so many new things and impression which came to them. Of course, Jonas already had them anywhere inside him before. But this was special. Now, everything came directly and altogether to him. All the effects of the real world, they never were allowed to know, made him wonder and feel pleasant. Gabriel forgot the coldness and the only thing he could do was trying to recognize all the new things.
Slowly the sled came to a stop, Jonas stand up and took Gabriel on his arm. One thing he already realized in this village earlier was that all the doors were closed.
He walked through the white landscape and suddenly heard some voices whispering. After he rounded the corner of a house he stood before a next house. Now the voices which were singing, sounded louder. But this was not the special thing about this house, it had an open door. He wondered about it and slowly advanced this dwelling. When he stood before the entry with the little newchild on his arms, a woman came to the door and Jonas supposed she wanted to close it. “Oh” she said when she discovers the two children. “What are you doing here, guys?” she asked in a gentle voice. “Where’s your family and why don’t you celebrate Christmas with them?”
Jonas hesitated before he answered: “No, we don’t have a family any longer. It’s a difficult story. The point is, Gabriel and I are on our own now.”
“That’s horrible! Can I do anything for you? Or please, just come in at first.” She said emotional. She went into the room again and held the door open for Jonas and Gabriel. Slowly the boy followed her and entered the floor of the house. “Thank you, that’s a very great offer.” Jonas thanked her.  He carefully put Gabriel down to the ground and took of his shoes. The woman opened the next door for the children and asked for them to come in. Jonas lifted Gabriel again on his arm and moved into the next room. And then he arrived at his first celebration of Christmas.
He only felt enthusiasm and was totally convinced by his decision to leave. There was a big fir tree in one corner of the room. Balls in every possible color hung at the tree and the chain of lights illuminated the whole room. Around it laid gifts, some of them were already opened, some packages were still closed. And there were people, two old persons, a man and a woman and the woman who opened the door for them stood next to another man. They all looked happy and full of satisfaction. Jonas guessed the old persons could be the grandparents of the two children who were playing at the ground with their new toys. His own grandparents he was never allowed to know. Nearly it seemed like this drove him sad, but before he permitted the feeling to come, he distracted himself to put attention to the attendant people.

Suddenly, a young girl came downstairs from the right. Jonas looked up to her and froze. The young girl which leaved the stairs now and approached him now did exactly look the same like Fiona. 

My idea was to pick up the story Lily created one evening. She thought about what would be if everyone would have a twin brother or sister anywhere else.


  1. I think you wrote a good alternative end, but it has also an open ending.
    Nice work.

  2. Hey. I really like that you mentioned many points which were different to the community. Your text is very detailed and clear. You put a lot effort into this. Great! I think your alternative ending is plausible and fits to the end of "The Giver".

  3. Caroline,

    It's always nice to read alternate endings to the book's final chapters. I think you did really well on this! I'd be interested in why many of you guys have a christmas story in their ending...

    - like there was no real plan for how to arrange the houses.
    - new impressions don't "come".
    - Jonas STOOD up (past tense!)
    - she said emotionalLY
    - took ofF his shoes
    - he felt enthusiastic
    - convinced that his idea to leave the community
    - play ON the ground
    - leave- left -left