Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post-reading task: Questions

Questions at the end of the book
Because of there’s an open ending at the end of the book, I had questions which I asked myself and which would probably never be responded.
-          What would happen to Jonas and Gabriel?
-          Will they survive? Is there enough time to reach the village, or will they freeze to death?
-          Is Jonas’ imagination real or is it just a wish of him?
-          If they accomplish to arrive at the village: do the other people know something about the communities?
-          Will he find someone who will take care for him and Gabriel?
-          Do they know that there’s a life without colors and individuality?
-          Is this the only village which isn’t owned by the community?
-          If there are still other countries, do they know something about the life in the community?
-          If not, how did the Elders of the community create the secret about their life?
-          What will happen to the people in the community?
-          Will they cope (zurechtkommen) with the burden of all the memories?
-          How will they react, if everything’s going right?
-          What will happen to them, if the memories are too strong and destroy the people?
-          Will there be a revolution of the members of the community?
-          Will they build a new country with justice and own opinions of the people?


  1. Hey Caroline, I really liked reading your questions. I noticed that you already have some ideas how the book could go on, but I think it's right when you said that your questions won't be responded. I really liked you question whether Jonas imagination was real or whether it was just a wish. Good work! I would be interested in your opinion. What do you think is more plausible: Did Jonas survive and went to Elsewhere or did he die in the snow and the cold?